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  • 29. 05. 2015 Petak (13:00 p.m. - 16:00 p.m.)
OpisTwentyfive years of excellence in electrical and renewable energy’s field make the story of “Studio Tecnico Omega” true. This was founded in January 1990 in San Dona di Piave and immediately it emerge at the national level in the design of medium and low voltage systems . Courtesy, competence and continuous improvement are the values expressed by our company. The passion for green energy and sensitivity to environmental issues of today bring Studio Tecnico Omega to embrace the renewable energy sector . Here at Studio Tecnico Omega we believe in future . We are deeply committed in being more than a simply design study : every day we strive to make the difference . We like to think that each of us , with own skills and own ideas , day after day helps to protect the planet , conserve resources .. to make it better than the day before . Our study is composed of several specialized skills in various areas of possible intervention (lighting, production process automation , energy monitoring , housing , etc . ) with a possible consultative approach . So we set ourselves as a partner specialized and moreover third to the technology producers. We operate in the exclusive interest of the client, helping him in the path of finding the best technological solutions specifically useful for achieving his goal. The energy audit is now an essential tool. Manage the energy and know how to purchase it and also how and where it is used daily is fundamental. This awareness enables new scenarios of real energy savings. We know from experience that in every production process or any activity that requires the use of energy inefficiencies exist more or less significant and often hidden. Our mission is to help the companies to identify it, determinate the amount and propose measures of containment applicable both from the technical point of view both from the one economical. We are ISO 9001 : 2008, both in the design and in training . We create several courses in several areas. For further more information please visit our site www.studiotecnicoomega.it or call us at 0421476276 .
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